Frey - Compact Brewery 100 Liter

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Frey - Compact Brewery 100 Liter

The Frey Compact Brewery is a semiautomatic brewing system.


  • mash tun kettle
  • lautertun / whirlpool
  • brew-helper


  • Basic +
  • malt mill
  • wort cooler


  • Event +
  • hot water tank
  • 2 x fermenting and storage tank 130 Liter

Mash tun kettle

The mash kettle is a combination of mash tun and wort kettle. The kettle is equipped with an electric heating jacket. The agitator is driven from the bottom and can be removed for use as a wort kettle upwards. Empty signal, level and temperature sensor ensure the necessary level of automation.

Lauter tun / whirlpool

The combination of Lauter tun and whirlpool allows lautering an whirlpool in the same vessel. Racking arm and false bottom can be easily withdrawn upward. Clear flow and residual flow round off the concept of the whirlpool.


The brew-helper was developed specifically for the control of micro-brewing equipment. With the help of the touch panel, the operator step by step is passed through the brewing process.

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