Maltman 110


Malt Mill Maltman 110

Top quality at a reasonable price - The mill is designed for an average amount of grain up to 25 kg / day and has a capacity of 100 - 150 kg / hour. Surface hardened rolls made of tempered steel guarantee excellent wear resistance and thus a durable machine.

Solid and mature contruction, wear resistant materials, outstanding roller and drive technology, excellent finish: With our machines, you crush oats, barley, wheat, corn, spelled, etc. convince the safe, comfortable operation and ease of use. From the appealing design through the compact, space-saving design through to exemplary maintainability we leave nothing to be desired.


  • Wear resistant surface hardened rolls with very grippy profiles through self-developed pocket cut (flat teeth)
  • Both rollers driven against each other through gears - thus slip-free run
  • Idle Sure, no touching the rollers among themselves
  • Quick adjustable nip through quick adjustment
  • Robust, coordinated with the machine throughput capacity motors and drives
  • Blockage-feed regulator with standard magnetic separators

  • Simple access to the rollers by removing the hopper
  • Motor protection switch with connector and integrated phase inverter
  • Maintenance-free, oversized bearings - Low-noise operation
  • Rigid steel structure in galvanized and anti-corrosion protection
  • Integrated wall bracket


Technical specifications:

Recommended daily cereal needs in kg / day bis 25
Grain throughput in kg / h (depending on the humidity and of squeezing) 100 - 150
engine 1,1 kW   230V / 400 V   (selection)
Hopper volume in kg (l) approx. 11 (20)
Dimensions in cm (W x H x D) 58 x 40 x 33
Inlet / outlet height in cm with stand 127,5/86
Weight in kg 62
possible goods Oats, barley, wheat, rye, corn
Nip in mm approx. 0 - 2,6
roll surface Hardened surface treated steel
roll forming Pocket cut (flat teeth)
  • magnetic separator
  • quick adjustment
  • Grain mill
  • 13er socket wrench
  • Operating Manual

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