Set Speidels Brewmaster 10 Liter

Speidels braumeister starterset 10 liter

Set »Speidels Brewmaster 10 Liter«

The starter set contains everything you need to immediately be able to start brewing.


  • Brewmaster 10 liter
  • stainless steel wort cooler
  • 10 liter fermentation vessel
  • malt mill
  • 12 liters Discharge cock for the fermentation barrel
  • bung and plug for the fermentation barrel
  • brewing packet Cologne

The fully automatic control is brewing with preset or individual recipes. In all brewing phases, the time and temperature is maintained. The patented malt pipe technology thewort is gently and easily circulated.

  • made of stainless steel
  • volume 10 liter
  • max. amount of malt 2,8 kg

Technical Details:

  • heating coil: 1.000 W Power
  • pump: 9 W
  • power supply: 230 V (fuse min. 10 A)
  • controller: fully automated (temperature, time, pump)


Speidels Braumeister

Speidels Braumeister 10l - IPA

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