MicroBlock 551 EPV

551 microblock

MicroBlock 551 EPV


Technical details:

Product to be filled Carbonated Beer 
Type of bottle Glass
Type of closure Crown cap Ø 26 mm
Rinsing grippers nr. 5
Filling valves nr. 5
Capping heads nr. 1
Rinsing system by water –  single stage treatment
Filling system electro pneumatic isobaric filling valves
Filling temperature 0-3°C
CO2 content Max 5,5 g/lt.
Pressure Max: 2-2,5 bar
Bottle standard dimensions ø min. 50/max. 95 – h min.180/max. 340 mm
Machine rotation  Clockwise
Speed adjustment electronic, by inverter
Photocells automatic start/stop included (positioned at inlet and exit)
Working height 1.100 mm. + 50 mm
Conveyor dimensions 100x125 mm
Conveyor chain  82,5 mm

1,030 to 1,080 bph x 330ml

970 to 1,020 bph x 500ml


Rinsing turret – 5 grippers

Rinsing turret supplied with 5 grippers with standard fixed nozzles. The bottle gripper pads are an extra-rapid assemble and disassemble type. The rinser is supplied with a single stage rinsing treatment.

This machine is equipped with a device for detection of the bottle on the conveyor (NO BOTTLE ON CONVEYOR/NO SPRAY): it consists of a photocell which stops the machine and closes the rinser electro valve in case of bottle lack in order to avoid light sprays.

Electro-valve to control the rinsing fluid. The valve stops the treatment fluid flow every time the machine stops and starts it at the machine re-starting.

Pressure regulator for the treatment fluid. 

Filter for rinsing solution, complete with container and cartridge.

Manual turret height adjustment (electric regulation available on demand)



Counter-pressure filling turret, supplied with 5 ELECTROPNEUMATIC VALVES suitable for filling beer, into glass bottle.

Manual filling turret height adjustment (electric regulation available on demand)

The filling turret has a tank with a mirror polished internal surface and a level control probe. 



The filling turret has a tank with a mirror polished internal surface and a level control probe. 

The filler is suitable for counter pressure filling with double pre-evacuation. Here under you can find the filling steps

  1.  After the lifting of the bottle, the vacuum pump starts (first pre-evacuation)
  2. The vacuum pipe is closed and then the injection of CO2 starts
  3. we close the CO2 injection and we cycle the vacuum pump (second pre-evacuation)
  4. the vacuum pipe stays open for a very short time while the CO2 is opening and then it is closed
  5. when the pressure inside the bottle is the same as the pressure in the upper tank, the filling valves is open and the filling starts
  6. when the filling is finished, after a short pause, the snift is open for degassing of the bottle

All of the above mention cycles are adjustable and recordable in the PLC so that they are used in future



Automatic corking turret suitable for crown cork application on glass bottles, supplied with:

  • automatic vibrating sorter, made of AISI 304 stainless steel; equipped with caps level monitoring device;
  • chute equipped with cap presence monitoring device, made of AISI 304 stainless steel;
  • Nr. 1 corking head with pressure-closing cone for permanent crown cork deformation.



The machine has a central star that conveys the bottle. In turn, the bottles are positioned 5 per time under filling nozzles. 

Machine speed electronically adjusted by means of inverter.

The unit is also supplied with in and out sensors for automatic start/stop: they stop the machine in case of lack of bottle on inlet conveyor or in case of bottle jam on exit conveyor and they provide the automatic re-start.



The turrets are assembled on a unique basement.

Machine frame (pos. 1 in the picture beside) is made of stainless steel AISI 304 and machine support plate (pos. 2 in the picture beside) is made of painted iron covered with stainless steel AISI 304 

The basement is complete with supports adjustable in height. 

The machine is already provided with stainless steel conveyor belt without conveyor drive and recovery grooves of the liquid accidentally overflow.

According to CE rules, the monoblock is equipped with safety guards, realized in stainless steel AISI 304 and safety glass.

Rotation of roundabout and star devices

Rotation of the roundabout and the star devices by means of gears or reduction gears driven by gear- motors in oil-bath.

Automatic releases on the central unit and on the star devices for an immediate stoppage in case of a wrong manoeuvre.

The monoblock is also supplied with in and out sensors for automatic start/stop: they stop the machine in case of lack of bottle on inlet conveyor or in case of bottle jam on exit conveyor and they provide the automatic re-start.


Electrical plant

Electrical controls in a box made of insulating stainless steel.



In additional the machine is provided with

  • Conveyor at the inlet and exit of the machine, connected with gear but without motor. Is enough to install a gear motor at the exit and to make work also the inlet conveyor.
  • Inlet air group complete with filter and lubricant. Valve for total unload of the air is included.
  • Inlet for rinsing water and CO2 provided with globe valves made in stainless steel.
  • Product inlet complete with pneumatic butterfly valve.
  • Panel with s/steel manometer and pressure regulation for lifting jacks and counter pressure in the upper tank.
  • Upper tank provided with s/steel manometer and thermometer.
  • vacuum gauge on the vacuum tank.
  • Pneumatic element SMC
  • Gear and reducer made in Italy.
  • PLC and touch screen Siemens.
  • Sensor for presence/lack of the bottle in the filler. If a bottle is missing, the machine will not fill the bottle to avoid any product loss.
  • 3 color light for status indication.
  • In the upper part of the machine (except the motor) are built in AISI 304 or acetal resin. PVC is not used.


New software for machine working: during the start of the machine is possible to made some test filling to check the setup. When everything is ok, simply pushing the start bottom, the machine will work in automatic mode. At the end of production, whit the emptying bottom, the machine will work also with no bottle at the inlet, filling the last bottle in the central star



Pneumatic membrane pump made from Stainless Steel AISI 316.



Automatic linear labelling machine equipped with 1 (one) self-adhesive labelling station, max. Ø300mm. reel, suitable to apply one front self-adhesive label onto glass containers.

Production Speed: 1,500 BPH maximum

Labels and containers technical information

  • Infeed and discharge conveyors configuration is in-line. 



Base Frame and General Structure

  • The support frame is made of welded strong iron steel profiles and is equipped with height adjustable feet.
  • The top surface is a carbon steel plate, covered with Aisi 304 stainless steel metal sheet.
  • Inspection is possible through side doors and frame side skirting clad with Aisi 304 stainless steel plate.
  • Standard machine colour: RAL 7038. 
  • Machine prearranged to install a second labelling station in the future. 


Safety guards

  • Safety guards are present along the whole base frame perimeter.
  • Guards are made in Aisi 304 stainless steel with transparent material windows. Openable doors are fitted with interlock type micro-switches.


Machine drive

  • Main gear box is of crown-screw worm type and oil bath lubricated.
  • Feed screw transmission systems are complete with safety electro-mechanical clutch devices to stop the machine in case of container jamming.


Infeed and discharge conveyors 

  • Conveyor channel complete made in Aisi 304 stainless steel, with wear-proof plastic rollers and sliding profiles. 
  • Table top type conveyor belt, Aisi 304 stainless steel (or Delrin) made.
  • Bottles are guided by stainless steel plus plastic contact profiles side guard-rails, adjustable in width.
  • Infeed device to space out the containers by pneumatic lever.
  • Infeed device to center the containers before the labelling with micrometric adjustment in width by hand wheel.
  • Device to stabilize the containers during the labelling and wiping with micrometric adjustment in height by hand wheel with synchronized speed to the one of the conveyor.
  • The infeed gate lock device can be manually or automatically operated.


Self-adhesive labelling station

Machine equipped with one (1) self-adhesive labelling station installed on vertical slides easy adjustable composed of:

  • Stepping motor;
  • Drive and control microprocessor pre disposed to operate the printing unit (optional);
  • Dragging rubber roll with contrast roll mounted on springs;
  • Labelling tongue for labels of 80/120/160/240 mm height (to confirm);
  • Supporting reel plate Ø 320mm equipped with un winding shaft;
  • Motorized labeller paper re winder;
  • Containers detection photocell;
  • Label detection photocell;
  • Drive buttons included in the group;
  • Box containing drive and electrical parts in stainless steel, with open able access panel complete of lock general switch;
  • Manual adjustable stainless steel support, complete of digital indicator for an easy adjustment;


Wiping system

  • Labels wiping by sponge rollers. 


Machine control system

  • The machine is delivered with complete electric and pneumatic plants, ready to be connected to the main factory plants. 
  • Pneumatic plant is complete with pressure regulation unit, air filter and air lubricator.
  • Main electrical panel, waterproof type, is integrated in the machine structure.
  • All machine controls and status/signal lights are centralized on a single operator panel, complete with removable push-button station (emergency stop + pulse motion buttons).
  • Machine infeed automatic closure in case of containers build-back at discharge side.
  • All electric and pneumatic power and control circuits are built in accordance with the latest applicable international standards.


Anticorrosion treatment

  • Large use of materials not subject to corrosion as stainless steel, not-ferrous alloys and plastic materials.
  • Meltings and carbon steel parts undergo an anticorrosion treatment by multicoating epoxy painting.


Something more

  • Maintenance and lubrication easy and short time requiring due to the high quality of components and materials used;
  • The machine has been designed in order to have maximum accessibility for cleaning and debris removal purposes;
  • Colour or customized coded change over parts and accessories.


Included in price:

  • Rinser Filler Crowner EPV 551 including parts for one format bottle & 26mm crown caps
  • Dummy bottles for CIP cleaning in closed circuit
  • CO² injection device in the neck space of the bottle prior to capping
  • Bottle separators between the filling valves (anti explosion)
  • Spray device after capper to wash exterior surface of the bottles free of excess foam with drip tray
  • Stainless steel pneumatic diaphragm beer feeding pump + connections
  • Software assistance through USB connection
  • Linear labeller for body label application
  • 1st main frequency inverter to control speed of the machine with manual adjustment
  • Warning siren + flashing signal for general alarm of the labeller
  • Photocell for bottle jam out of the labeller
  • Photocell for standard labels (No transparent, No metal)
  • Alarm system for end of label reel
  • Date coder integrated into labeller – U2 Inkjet coder
  • Conveyor system to connect labeler & Microblock together with rotary bottle infeed table & rotary bottle accumulation table Ø800mm (as per layout enclosed)
  • Transport packaging, insurance & delivery of goods to your factory (addional costs for not EU countries)
  • Start-up, commissioning and training on site – 6 days including travel days (Europe, additional costs for not EU countries)

Airport transfers, hotel & accommodation to be arranged & paid for by the client




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inkl. ges. MwSt. 19%
Parts to handle 29mm diameter crown corks
Parts to handle additional format diameter bottle & 5 additional fill level tubes
Filter for rinse product
Parts in contact with the product made from AISI stainless steel 316 (required for cider bottling)
Lexan hinged cover on crowner
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